Damiana bigger balls a myth or truth?

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I received a question from a MoHDigest reader, let call him *Mark. Mark was concerned about the size of his testicles (balls). One of his friends had advised him to use Damiana to get bigger balls. Today, we look at the medicinal value of this herb plant. We will also discuss whether Damiana makes your testicles (balls) bigger or not.

What is Damiana?

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is an herbal plant with medicinal value that comes from the Southern part of the United States (Texas) and Central America. It produces yellow flowers. In other parts of the world, it’s called by different names. Traditionally, people smoked Damiana’s leaves and stem to make herbal tea. Likewise, scientific studies have identified essential oils in Damiana with cineol, cymol, caffeine and pinene.

Damiana: Used for sexual drive and genital organs growth (Balls)

Does Damiana grow balls?

Historically, Damiana has been used to improve sexual drive by improving blood flow to the genital area (penis and balls). Consequently, nourishing the penis and balls. Frequent use of Damiana results of a well nourished and active genital organs. As a result, the muscles in the genital areas expand, and you can observe a visible growth in size of the penis and balls. In other words, frequently using Damiana grows your genital organs or as you like it your balls.

Caffeine, flavonoids and arbutine have been identified as the active compounds that contribute to the sexual drive and organs growth.  Additionally, Damiana improves energy levels by reducing stress, which has a negative impact on one’s sexual drive and stamina.

Commercially SANGTER,  a popular 100% natural pills manufacturer uses  Damiana for its  male performance boosters products that are sold on Amazon.

Popular Sangter products selling on Amazon are  Sangter ★ Individual Package X 7 Pills in Box and Sangter ★ Mega Box ★ 12 Individual Packages

Sangster made from Damiana
Damiana used to make male boosters sangster

Men’s Libido Regain Herbal Extract, another herbal male booster is made from Damiana and is available on Amazon from this link.

Men’s Libido Regain Herbal Extract from Damiana

Damiana reduces vaginal dryness

Damiana supplements L-arginine to help support sexual satisfaction.It does this by increasing the frequency of orgasm and reducing vaginal dryness which is a common problem with menopausal women.

The Natural Female Sexual Enhancement Pills are made from Damiana. This pill, made by Herbal Remedy  for women increases stamina, boosts sex drive and prevents vaginal dryness. You can purchase this product from this link.

Female pills using Damiana to reduces vaginal dryness

Damiana used to  lower Pain

Women with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) use Damiana to reduce cramps and mood swings. Such women benefit by using the damiana leaf throughout their cycles. Damiana’s relaxant and digestive stimulating effect reduces constipation.

Diabetes Prevention and Control

A combination of Damiana, verbal mate and Guarana is used to help obese people lose weight. By increasing the energy levels, Damiana enhances physical activity, reduces stress relates feeding and controls hormonal imbalance. The antioxidants and adapatogenic components help reduce the risk associated with most chronic diseases such as kidney damage and diabetes.

Where to get Damiana

Damiana use is legal in the United States. You can easily get Damiana dried leaves, powder or processed capsules online or on most health food/herbal stores. Damiana  can be used either as herbal tea, oil infusions, extracts or herbal products.

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